About us

All of us at My Panacea are committed to solving your problems, but that’s only half the story.

We’re also committed to making what works even better. We’re thinkers, strategists and doers. We’ve been leaders and we’ve been followers, too, and if there’s one truth we believe that stands out above every other, it’s that people are the answer.

We believe in people and imagination. People are the key to growth and we know that nothing motivates people more than mastery, autonomy and purpose. And when you harness the motivation of your people, everything goes very, very right. We believe that imagination is the mechanism for getting to where you want to go.

We are experts in people management and motivation. Whether through growing the talent you already have, transforming your culture or solving particularly juicy organisational problems, we can help you.

We’ve over 20 years’ people management in the FCMG sector. We know what we’re talking about but we never stop learning, and we always share what we learn.

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