Global recruitment markets are continuing to prosper

The latest report from international recruitment specialist Antal’s “Global Snapshot” research has found that global job prospects for professionals and managers has continued to improve.

The Global Snapshot is an annual survey that researches hiring and firing trends in key sectors around the world. In November 2015 it asked 9,570 companies in 30 countries questions about current hiring and firing as well as planned recruitment and downsizing.

It found that current hiring was up 2% from January 2015 to 70% of respondent companies, and planned hiring up 2% to 68%. More good news was the decreasing levels of intended redundancies, which was down from 24% to 19% of the companies in the survey.

The Middle Eastern market is buoyant despite the recent Gulf “boom” tailing off, with hiring levels in Qatar and Saudi Arabia at 74% and 62% respectively. In UAE, 59% of companies are planning to hire. Nizal Lalani, Antal’s representative in UAE says, “Many companies across various industry sectors are looking at 2016 with more optimism. The oil price shock is now over and most companies are expecting decent growth in business and hiring.”